Cellular One Lifeline Free Smartphones & Phones

Become a Cellular One Lifeline subscriber and get a FREE smartphone or cell phone with 300 FREE any network minutes plus 1000 texts and a $20 gift card. The offer is valid for all new customers who comply with government subsidy requirements. Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah residents can apply for a free phone and Lifeline minutes from CellularOne.

To begin with, Cellular One is not only a Lifeline provider of free government smartphones and cell phones. Other parts of its business are selling mobile gadgets, providing AirMax home internet. Moreover, Cellular One also offers no contract, prepaid and contract wireless phone plans.

Low-income Americans who qualify for Lifeline assistance program (see Am I Eligible? page of our website freegovernmentsmartphones.com) can apply for a free phone and complimentary monthly minutes & texts. Cellular One will process your application along with you low-income status proof. Thereafter, it will send you a free phone Hyundai E245s or a free government Android smartphone Unnecto Quattro S and will activate your Lifeline membership.

Cellular One has many cell phones and smartphones on sale at great prices, and you can buy one from the company to use with your free Lifeline plan. Manny cutting-edge smartphones have low price tags. The list of Cellular One smartphones includes LG, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy Note, Asus Zen Fone, Alcatel, Coolpad, and much more.

The easiest way to get enrolled in Cellular One Lifeline program is to apply online, through the company’s website www.cellularoneonline.com. Equally easy is to start an application process at one of the carrier’s stores. Furthermore, you can contact Cellular One customer service at 1-800-730-2351 or leave a message in Contacts section of the website.