Assist Wireless Lifeline Free Government Smartphones, Cell Phones Program

Assist Wireless is one of the Lifeline newest free government cell phones providers. Naturally, it only operates in a limited number of states. At present, the company offers Lifeline deals in Arkansas, Missouri, Maryland, and Oklahoma. Still, the Assist Wireless plans and phones offers vary in these states. In Maryland and Arkansas, all eligible applicant have a chance to get a free gov cell device and free airtime at no cost at all (most of other providers of Obama phones supply the same deal in these states). In Oklahoma, on the other hand, the lifeline phone is given at no charge, but the service plan for subscribers has to be purchased with the lowest monthly fee being $1.

Assist Wireless Plans

To be specific, Arkansas, Maryland and Missouri Assist Wireless basic plan serves two hundred and fifty free airtime minutes on the monthly basis. When a user sends a text, it is charged at the rate of a half of voice minutes, i.e. 1 minute = two texts. So, on average you can talk for 200 min and send 100 messages for free with your AssistWireless basic plan.

Oklahoma residents who chose Assist Wireless as their free gov cell phone and smartphone provider have several plans to choose from. The basic $1 plan (with fees and taxes charged for it) comes with a pretty good deal: 1,000 voice minutes and one messages (in or out) being equal to 1 talk minute. For example, with this plan, you can get 500 minutes and 500 messages a month. If you do not use up all the free airtime in any given month, this airtime will not roll over to the next month.

There is also another option for every Assist Wireless customer in this state: an unlimited plan. For $6.20 you get any number of voice minutes you would like. The con is that there are no text messages included here. Young people might be active users of texts and are not probably going to like this deal. On the other hand, a free government cell phone for seniors with unlimited talks is an excellent benefit.

Check Eligibility for Assist Wireless

To qualify and enroll Assist Wireless you need to be either a receiver of federal/state assistance, i.e. participate in Food Stamps program, Supplemental Social Security Income, Medicaid, Temporary-Assistance for Needy Families, Federal Housing Assistance Program, etc. (See the list for each state at Also, if you do not receive this type of program assistance but have a low income (within the limits of the poverty level in a selected state) you might be eligible to apply, too.

How to Enroll Assist Wireless Program

To start your enrollment, check the latest info about the provider and fill out the Assist Wireless application online ( For more information call Assist Wireless customer service phone number (1-855-392-7747, 1-855-420-2449).

If you already have a smartphone or regular cell phone (the gadget has to be unlocked and working in GSM/CDMA mode), you can enroll in Assist Wireless program with it. The company will provide a SIM card and a $15 Account Credit along with the no charge service.