Total Call Mobile Lifeline Free Phones & Smartphones

Total Call Mobile is no longer a participant of the Lifeline free government smartphones program. Please, apply with enTouch Wireless to get a free phone and minutes.

Total Call Mobile Lifeline assistance program offers its customers a FREE government cell phone with absolutely FREE or discounted monthly plan loaded with minutes & texts. Additional minutes, messages and data are also delivered for a small fee. Californians get an unlimited number of airtime minutes!

Total Call Mobile Wireless is a mobile telecommunication company that specializes in prepaid and Lifeline services. It serves its customers in Colorado, Hawaii, Louisiana, Iowa, Washington, and some others states. To be frank, many people have mixed feelings about this provider and its plans. TCM Lifeline plan does not include that many minutes as do some Lifeline plans by other vendors. In general, there are more than 250 minutes provided. Let’s hope that Total Call Mobile will review its Lifeline plans eventually for the benefits of its low-income customers.

How to learn more about Total Call Mobile

If you are confident, you want to choose Total Call as your Lifeline subsidy free phone providers; you can visit website and apply for the service directly. Besides, the company can be reached by Total Call Mobile customer service number which is 1-800-661-7391. Another option is to communicate with the carrier by email. Write to [email protected] and get the answers you seek.

Total Call Mobile Plans

As have been noted above, there is one basic free plan. It includes 250 free domestic voice minutes and does not contain any free messages. Project 2 brings you 1000 local minutes and 1000 texts at no cost. However, it is not available in all states. Other Total Call Mobile plans will take some money out of your pockets. If you wish, you use your free phone with Unlimited minutes plan. It will cost you $19.99 a month, though. If you want to see other prepaid plans, visit