TerraCom Wireless: Free Smartphones & Lifeline Plans

TERRACOM WIRELESS gives its customers a FREE SMARTPHONE with up to 2,000 FREE voice minutes, FREE UNLIMITED texts, and up to 3 GB of data! Various Lifeline plans are available for customers in service areas. Only eligible Americans can apply for these free monthly plans & smartphones.

TerraCom Wireless is one of many partners of the Lifeline assistance program. It has been established to help low-income Americans with their day-to-day communications needs. Eligible customers of the company can get a wireless smartphone, hundreds of minutes, unlimited messages with a data package at no cost. The provider has adopted universal qualification criteria common for all Lifeline wireless applicants. See below for the specifics on qualification for a free government phone and a free TerraCom wireless plan.

TerraCom Wireless Lifeline Plan Eligibility

To enjoy the safety and convenience of free wireless service from Terracom Wireless, you need to make sure you can qualify for the Lifeline government assistantship program. You can be eligible based on the income of your family household (it has to be at or lower than 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines level established for your state). Just check the latest standards for the area you live accessing the Am I Eligible? Page of our website. Another way to prove your eligibility for a free government smartphone & a free monthly wireless service plan is to show that you or any member of your household currently get at least one kind of government assistance (Medicaid, Food stamps, SSI, etc.).

Different Free Terracom Wireless Plans

At present, Terracom Wireless provides free government smartphones and services in the following states: Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Important to realize, all Terracom Wireless plans are absolutely free and customers pay no monthly fee whatsoever unless they want additional minutes or data. The company doesn’t run credit checks on its applicants and only requires annual recertification (proof of eligibility) to be submitted by Lifeline recipients.

TerraCom Wireless SmartphoneOklahoma and Washington Terracom plans are open to Tribal area residents. They receive a free smartphone with monthly unlimited texts, 2,000 minutes and 3GB of data. Unused minutes do not roll over to the next month. Non-tribal applicants from these states get one of two Lifeline plans. So, the first one is the Non-tribal Voice Base Plan 1000 MOU featuring 1000 voice minutes and unlimited texts. While the second is Non-tribal Broadband Base Plan 500 MOU and 3GB bringing you 500 minutes, unlimited messages with 3GB data package every month.

Kansas Plans. Customers can choose between the two plans: 1,840 minutes plus unlimited texts or 920 minutes/unlimited texts with 3 GB of data.

Nebraska Plans. All customers from this state are given two options: get more minutes (1,350) with unlimited texts or get sign up for a plan with a data package but fewer voice minutes (3GB + 690 air minutes + unlimited text messages).

All other states. Generally, if you live in any other state where Terracom Wireless supplies its free phones & plans, the choice is between Voice Base Plan which includes 1,000 minutes with unlimited texts and Broadband Base Plan (500 minutes, unlimited texts & 3 GB data).

Given all of the above points, you can get Terracom Wireless application directly from the company’s website, or call 1-888-716-8880 customer service number to start the application process or ask any question about the company.