Assurance Wireless Lifeline Free Government Smartphones and Cell Phones

What is Assurance Wireless? It is a program that gives a FREE smartphone or cell phone with 350 FREE voice minutes and UNLIMITED texts every month! Plus 150 voice minutes at no extra charge for the first four months on enrollment! California subscribers get unlimited texts & minutes every month.

Started as a subsidiary of Virgin Mobile USA, Assurance Wireless has become probably the most popular Lifeline program provider in our nation. Today it serves its free government smartphones and cell phones together with a free monthly minute & text plan in over 40 states, and the list is growing. It has millions of subscribers and an excellent coverage area. The carrier’s services are appreciated by the customers and ensure they do not switch their Lifeline contract to another provider.

Assurance Wireless Plans

As has been noted above, Assurance Wireless has a basic Lifeline plan for subscribers from all states (where it is available), except California. Here, Assurance Wireless Lifeline program provides a free of government charge smartphone or conventional mobile handset plus free 350 airtime minutes every month plus free 150 bonus airtime minutes every month for first four months plus unlimited texts plus free voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, 911 access, 211 calls. This set of things is enforced by a great Nationwide Sprint Network coverage.

In California, all new customers of Assurance Wireless Lifeline receive a free government Android smartphone plus unlimited texting & talking plus 500 Mb of high-speed 3G mobile data every month. Assurance Wireless has come with a unique name for its Lifeline California subsidiary; it calls its plan the California FREEdom Plan.

If a customer of AW wants an extra package of voice minutes, texts or data, these are available for purchase, too. The same goes for unlimited international calls & texts option. To get these options, one needs to use Assurance Wireless top up. The latter can be done online, in a personal account, or by calling Assurance Wireless customer service, or by contacting one of the company’s resellers or buy purchasing the top up cards.

Assurance Wireless Phones and Smartphones

The Lifeline company gives its customers one of the handsets it has. The list of Assurance Wireless cell phones includes Alcatel Onetouch Cinch, Kyocera Jax S1360, and others. If you get an Assurance Wireless smartphone, it will probably be either Coolpad Avail or ZTE Quest.

However, it is not required that you get a free government phone. If you wish, you can only enroll in Assurance Wireless for free monthly minutes and texts and use your own device. Check with customer service if your phone will work in the AW network.

Assurance Wireless Application

Go to to start an application process and become an Assurance Wireless user. You can also begin the process by contacting the customer service of AW.